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Fort Worth
May 13 - July 26 Many one-week intensive class options.
June 3 - July 5 First five-week options.
July 8 - August 9 Second five-week options.
June 3 - August 9 Biblical language options.
May 13 - June 21 First six-week options.
June 24 - August 2 Second six-week options.
May 13 - August 2 Biblical language options.
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Summer 2019 Graduate Courses | Fort Worth

Church Music and Worship

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times


9529 CONDG-4712-A Choral Literature I Mark Taylor

Music Ministry

9310 MUMIN-4233-A Dynamics of Worship & Philo David Toledo TWThFSa 8:00AM- 5:00PM
9655 MUMIN-4601-A Practicum: Admin and Finance Matt Sikes M 8:00AM- 5:00PM
8480 SPFMU-3111-A Spiritual Formation II-Music Tom Song MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM


9525 VOICL-4911-A Seminar in Solo Vocal Lit: I Bennie Caston Jr.
9526 VOICL-4921-A Seminar in Solo Vocal Lit: II Bennie Caston Jr.
9527 VOICL-4952-A Seminar in Voice Pedagogy Bennie Caston Jr.
9528 VOIPR-4982-A Mm Voice Performance III Bennie Caston Jr.  

Educational Ministries

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Biblical Counseling

8523 CNSLN-4003-A Marriage and Family Counseling Jon Okinaga MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM

Collegiate Ministry

8520 COLMN-4553-A Collegiate Evangelism Max Barnett MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM

Roy Fish School of Evang/Missn

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

8538 APLEV-3201-BM Crossover Evangelism Carl Bradford  
8535 APLEV-3203-BM Crossover Evangelism Carl Bradford  
8545 APLEV-5602-A Great Commission Mentorship 1 Mike Morris  
8546 APLEV-5612-A Great Commission Mentorship 2 Mike Morris  
8547 APLEV-5622-A Great Commission Mentorship 3 Mike Morris  
8548 APLEV-5632-A Great Commission Mentorship 4 Mike Morris  


9351 EVANG-5423-DV Urban Evangelism Practicum Carl Bradford  

Islamic Studies

8556 ISLST-4253-A Ishmael/Arabs in Biblical Hist Tony Maalouf MTWThF 8:00AM-12:00PM


8560 MISSN-3473-TL Animistic Folk Rel:Miss App Dean Sieberhagen  
8563 MISSN-4653-TL Appl Anthrop for Bib Ch Plant Dean Sieberhagen  
8564 MISSN-5533-A Short Term Missions Praxis John Massey  
8565 MISSN-5563-DV Urban Ch Planting Praxis Carl Bradford  
9348 MISSN-5583-JP Practicum in World Religions Mike Morris  
8654 MISSN-5583-TL Practicum in World Religions  
8651 MISSN-5583-ZA Practicum in World Religions Kenneth Vines  
9349 MISSN-5593-JP Practicum in Int'l Evang Mike Morris  
8655 MISSN-5593-TL Practicum in Int'l Evang  
8652 MISSN-5593-ZA Practicum in Int'l Evang Kenneth Vines  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

8613 APLMN-3001-A Applied Ministry: CPT Michael Wilson  
8601 APLMN-3101-A Internship Michael Wilson  
8602 APLMN-3102-A Internship Michael Wilson  
8603 APLMN-3201-A Practicum Michael Wilson  
8604 APLMN-3202-A Practicum Michael Wilson  
8605 APLMN-3301-A Mentorship Michael Wilson  
8606 APLMN-3302-A Mentorship Michael Wilson  
8657 APLMN-3401-A Apprenticeship Michael Wilson  
8608 APLMN-3402-A Apprenticeship Michael Wilson  
8609 APLMN-3501-A Disciple-Making Michael Wilson  
8610 APLMN-3502-A Disciple-Making Michael Wilson  
8611 APLMN-3601-A Leadership Michael Wilson  
8612 APLMN-3602-A Leadership Michael Wilson  

Archaeology & Method

9391 ARCHE-4203-IL Arch Field Excavation Methods Steven Ortiz  
9393 ARCHE-4503-IL Advanced Archaeological Practi Steven Ortiz  

Baptist Studies

9311 BPTST-3203-A Baptist Heritage W. Madison Grace MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM
8617 BPTST-3203-OX Baptist Heritage W. Madison Grace  
8650 BPTST-4613-OX British Baptists W. Madison Grace  
8619 BPTST-4853-BM Southern Baptists W. Madison Grace  

Biblical Backgrounds & History

9392 BBHST-3423-IL Hist, Arch, Geog of Anc Israel Steven Ortiz  

Biblical Studies

8615 BIBST-3203-A Biblical Hermeneutics John J. Yeo TTh 1:00PM- 5:00PM

Christian Ethics

8622 ETHIC-4323-A The Bible & Moral Issues Christopher Taylor W
12:00PM- 5:00PM
8:00AM- 5:00PM
9384 ETHIC-5353-A Special Topics in Ethics  

Church Hist & Historical Theol

8620 CHAHT-3103-A Church History I Stephen Presley MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM
8644 CHAHT-3113-OX Church History II Stephen Presley  

Masters - Interdepartmental

9558 SPFTH-3101-CF Spiritual Formation I-Theology W. Madison Grace  
9559 SPFTH-3111-CF Spiritual Form II-Theology W. Madison Grace  

New Testament

8623 GREEK-3356-A Biblical Greek I and II Mark Taylor TTh 8:00AM-12:00PM
8629 NEWTS-3063-A New Testament II Andrew Streett MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM
8630 NEWTS-3073-A New Testament III Andrew Streett MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM

Old Testament

8625 HEBRW-4356-A Biblical Hebrew I and II Justin Allison TTh 8:45AM-11:30AM
8634 OLDTS-3073-A Old Testament III Eric Mitchell MTWThF 8:00AM- 5:00PM

Phil of Religion

8645 PHILO-4373-OX Christian Apologetics Travis Dickinson  

Systematic Theology

8646 SYSTH-3053-OX Systematic Theology I W. Madison Grace  
8637 SYSTH-3063-A Systematic Theology II John Mann TTh 8:00AM-12:00PM
8661 SYSTH-3073-A Systematic Theology III John Mann TTh 8:00AM-12:00PM
Synchronous (Live Interaction): This format requires online attendance at the days and times listed.
Flexible: This format allows students the choice to participate live at the days and times listed or view the recorded lectures at their convenience each week.
Asynchronous: This format presents course content through multimedia with weekly coursework that can be completed at any time during the week.

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