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Fall 2018 Graduate Courses | Fort Worth

Church Music

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times


6392 COMPN-4500-A Composition Master Class Garry J. Hardin, II M 10:00AM-10:50AM
6867 COMPN-4532-A MM Composition III Garry J. Hardin, II  
6396 COMPN-4562-A Arranging Garry J. Hardin, II M 12:00PM- 1:40PM
6955 COMPN-4592-A MM Thesis in Composition Yoon-Mi Lim  


6401 CONDG-4600-A Conducting Master Class Mark Taylor T 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6400 CONDG-4602-A Adv Conducting & Choral Proc Mark Taylor WF 2:30PM- 3:20PM
6776 CONDG-4652-A Applied Conducting III and Rec Mark Taylor  
6791 CONDG-4690-A Conducting Document Mark Taylor  
7003 CONDG-5612-A Elective Conducting Kurt Sprenger  

Conducting and Ensembles

7001 ENSEM-3011-A Master Chorale Mark Taylor M 7:00PM- 9:00PM


5964 ENSEM-3010-A SW Master Chorale Mark Taylor M 7:00PM- 9:00PM
5961 ENSEM-3018-A SW Master Chorale Mark Taylor M 7:00PM- 9:00PM
7144 ENSEM-3050-A Southwestern Brass Steven Hubbard TTh
7145 ENSEM-3058-A Southwestern Brass Steven Hubbard TTh
5973 ENSEM-3070-A Guitar Ensemble Charles William Douglas M 11:00AM-12:40PM
5970 ENSEM-3078-A Guitar Ensemble Charles William Douglas M 11:00AM-12:40PM
6012 ENSEM-3080-A Combo Lab I Quamon Fowler M 12:00PM- 1:40PM
6009 ENSEM-3088-A Combo Lab I Quamon Fowler M 12:00PM- 1:40PM
6032 ENSEM-3090-A Combo Lab II Quamon Fowler M 12:00PM- 1:40PM
6029 ENSEM-3098-A Combo Lab II Quamon Fowler M 12:00PM- 1:40PM
6043 ENSEM-3600-A Chamber Orchestra Mark Christopher Sanchez WF 4:00PM- 5:15PM
6040 ENSEM-3608-A Chamber Orchestra Mark Christopher Sanchez WF 4:00PM- 5:15PM
6794 ENSEM-3608-B Piano Ensemble Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen  
5981 ENSEM-3620-A Orchestra Leonard Day
Kurt Sprenger
Sa 10:00AM-11:30AM
5978 ENSEM-3628-A Orchestra Leonard Day
Kurt Sprenger
Sa 10:00AM-11:30AM
5992 ENSEM-3650-A Southwestern Singers Bennie Caston Jr. TWThF 4:00PM- 4:50PM
5989 ENSEM-3658-A Southwestern Singers Bennie Caston Jr. TWThF 4:00PM- 4:50PM
7138 MUSIC-3210-A Southwestern Worship Band Steven Hubbard TTh
8:30AM- 9:45AM
7139 MUSIC-3218-A Southwestern Worship Band Steven Hubbard TTh
8:30AM- 9:45AM
6004 MUSIC-3300-N Chapel Choir Leonard Day M 4:00PM- 6:00PM
6003 MUSIC-3301-N Chapel Choir Leonard Day M 4:00PM- 6:00PM
6005 MUSIC-3308-N Chapel Choir Leonard Day M 4:00PM- 6:00PM

Jazz Studies - Seminary Level

6477 JAZCM-4232-A Jazz Improvisation Terence Hobdy WF 10:00AM-10:50AM
6965 JAZCM-4282-A Advanced Jazz Improvisation Terence Hobdy WF 10:00AM-10:50AM
7156 JAZPR-4012-A Mm Jazz Studies I Percussion Terence Hobdy  
6963 JAZPR-4042-A MM Jazz Studies IV & Recital Bennie Caston Jr.  
6964 JAZPR-4252-A Jazz Composition Garry J. Hardin, II  
7193 JAZPR-5012-A Elect Studio Instrument - Pian Leonard Day  

Master's Examinations

6253 MUMST-4990-A MM Comprehensive Exams Allen Lott  

Music History

6901 MUHST-3133-A Reading Music-Related German I Jerry Aultman Th 7:30AM-10:00AM
6376 MUHST-4102-A Introduction to Music Research Jason Runnels TTh 1:00PM- 1:50PM
6485 MUHST-4142-A Music in the 19th Century Allen Lott WF 8:30AM- 9:20AM
6377 MUHST-4272-A Sem: Sacred Choral Masterworks Allen Lott TTh 8:30AM- 9:20AM

Music Ministry

6461 MUMIN-3351-A Supervised Ministry & Project Tom Song F 10:00AM-10:50AM
7032 MUMIN-3360-B Platform Ldrship for the Muscn Leonard Day W 11:30AM-12:20PM
6463 MUMIN-3362-A Worship Scott Aniol TTh 11:30AM-12:20PM
6878 MUMIN-3370-A Music in Missions Lab Scott Aniol  
6811 MUMIN-3900-A Supervised Music Missions Proj Scott Aniol  
6956 MUMIN-4252-A Worship Ministry Project David Toledo  
6464 MUMIN-4340-A Children's Choir Lab Tom Song M 4:00PM- 5:15PM
6465 MUMIN-4342-A Church Music Education I Tom Song TTh 2:30PM- 3:20PM
6466 MUMIN-4652-A Bib Worship in Contemp Pract Scott Aniol M 9:00AM-10:40AM
6469 MUMIN-4662-A Anthropology and Cultural Stud Scott Aniol W 12:30PM- 2:10PM
6468 MUMIN-4671-A Practicum:The Arts in Worship Tom Song M 1:00PM- 1:50PM
6258 MUMIN-4700-A Colloquium Scott Aniol M 4:00PM- 4:50PM
6249 SPFMU-3101-A Spiritual Formation I-Music Tom Song W

Music Theory

6388 MUTHY-4442-A Seminar in Analysis I Jerry Aultman TTh 2:30PM- 3:20PM

New Student Orientation

6806 ORIEN-4000-A Music School Orientation Allen Lott  

Orchestral Instrumentation

6855 ORINS-4022-A Mm Instrument II Violin Kurt Sprenger  
6832 ORINS-4092-A Mm Instru IV & Recital Violin Kurt Sprenger  
6479 ORINS-4900-A Applied Instrument Master Clas Kurt Sprenger Th 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6482 ORINS-4900-B Guitar Master Class Charles William Douglas Th 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6922 ORINS-4901-A Instrument Pedagogy Kurt Sprenger  


6412 ORGPR-4700-A Organ Master Class Yoon-Mi Lim M 3:00PM- 4:00PM
6777 ORGPR-5711-A Elective Organ Yoon-Mi Lim  

Performance Lab

6254 PFMLB-3010-A Performance Laboratory David Toledo F 11:30AM-12:20PM


6416 PIACL-3881-A Accompanying Tatyana Karyagina
6417 PIACL-4801-A Seminar in Piano Pedagogy I Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen M 12:00PM-12:50PM
6418 PIACL-4811-A Seminar in Piano Literature I Mrs. Seon-Young Im F 10:00AM-11:30AM
6420 PIACL-4861-A Piano Pedagogy Development I Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen
6425 PIAPR-4800-A Piano Master Class Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen Th 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6429 PIAPR-4800-B Piano Master Class Tatyana Karyagina Th 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6433 PIAPR-4800-C Piano Master Class Mrs. Seon-Young Im Th 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6775 PIAPR-4812-A MM Piano I (Piano Perform) Tatyana Karyagina  
6799 PIAPR-4882-A MM Piano III (Piano Perform) Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen  
7035 PIAPR-4912-A M.M. Piano I (Piano Pedagogy) Mrs. Seon-Young Im  
6827 PIAPR-4922-A MM Piano II (Piano Pedagogy) Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen  
7155 PIAPR-4951-A Piano Tatyana Karyagina  
6795 PIAPR-4982-A MM Piano III (Piano Pedagogy) Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen  
7129 PIAPR-4982-B MM Piano III (Piano Pedagogy) Mrs. Seon-Young Im  
7162 PIAPR-4982-C MM Piano III (Piano Pedagogy) Tatyana Karyagina  
6900 PIAPR-5811-B Elective Piano Yoon-Mi Lim  
6968 PIAPR-5811-C Elective Piano Moira J. Hopfe-Ostensen  
7124 PIAPR-5872-A Elective Piano Tatyana Karyagina  


6437 VOICL-3912-A Class Voice I - Music Majors Marsha Anderson TTh 2:30PM- 3:20PM
6442 VOICL-3952-A English, Italian & Latin Dictn Ronald Montgomery M 10:00AM-11:40AM
6439 VOICL-4902-A Voice Pedagogy Bennie Caston Jr. WF 8:30AM- 9:20AM
6819 VOICL-4908-B Opera Workshop Marsha Anderson M 5:00PM- 7:00PM
6808 VOICL-4911-A Seminar in Solo Vocal Lit: I Heather Hawk F 10:00AM-10:50AM
6447 VOICL-4952-A Seminar in Voice Pedagogy Heather Hawk F 8:00AM- 9:40AM
6966 VOICL-4982-A Special Research in Voice Ped Bennie Caston Jr.  
6448 VOIPR-4900-A Voice Master Class Bennie Caston Jr. T 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6452 VOIPR-4900-B Voice Master Class Marsha Anderson T 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6453 VOIPR-4900-C Voice Master Class Leonard Day T 5:15PM- 6:05PM
6807 VOIPR-4912-A MM Voice I Bennie Caston Jr.  
6809 VOIPR-4912-B MM Voice I Ronald Montgomery  
7154 VOIPR-4912-C MM Voice I Leonard Day  
7159 VOIPR-4912-D MM Voice I Heather Hawk  
6967 VOIPR-4932-A Mm Voice Pedagogy III Bennie Caston Jr.  
6865 VOIPR-4951-A Voice Bennie Caston Jr.  
6862 VOIPR-4982-A Mm Voice Performance III Heather Hawk  
7166 VOIPR-4982-B Mm Voice Performance III Marsha Anderson  
7173 VOIPR-5911-A Elective Voice Ronald Montgomery  
7150 VOIPR-5932-A Elective Voice Ronald Montgomery  
7168 VOIPR-5932-B Elective Voice Miss Bora Kim  
7176 VOIPR-5932-C Elective Voice Marsha Anderson  
6820 VOIPR-5942-A Elective Voice Marsha Anderson  

Church and Family Ministries

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times


6508 ADMIN-3353-A Missions and Service Min by Ch Andrew Dowden TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM

Biblical Counseling

6749 CNSLN-3000-A Practicum in Biblical Counseli Frank Catanzaro  
6750 CNSLN-3000-B Practicum in Biblical Counseli Frank Catanzaro  
6183 CNSLN-3103-A Bib Analy Psych and Psychoth Dale Johnson TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6184 CNSLN-3203-A Principles of Biblical Counsel Dale Johnson TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6185 CNSLN-3203-B Principles of Biblical Counsel Frank Catanzaro WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6186 CNSLN-4003-A Marriage and Family Counseling Frank Catanzaro M 3:00PM- 5:45PM
6187 CNSLN-4903-A Spec Iss: Bibl Cnsl & Abuse John Babler MTW
8:00AM- 5:00PM
1:00PM- 2:30PM
1:00PM- 2:30PM
6188 CNSLN-5003-A Counseling Practicum I Frank Catanzaro T 6:15PM- 9:00PM
7117 CNSLN-5003-B Counseling Practicum I John Babler T 6:15PM- 9:00PM
6189 CNSLN-5103-A Counseling Practicum II John Babler T 1:00PM- 3:45PM
6191 CNSLN-5203-A Counseling Practicum III John Babler Th 6:15PM- 9:00PM

Childhood Education

6752 CHDED-4303-A Children's Ministry in the Ch Karen Kennemur TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM

Christian School Education

6730 CSEDU-5403-A Internship in Chrn School Educ Patricia Nason  
6731 CSEDU-5404-A Internship in Chrn School Educ Patricia Nason  
6733 CSEDU-5806-A MACSE Thesis Patricia Nason  
6734 CSEDU-5810-A MACSE Continuous Enrollment Patricia Nason  
6735 CSEDU-5813-A Thesis in Christian School Edu Patricia Nason  

Church and Family Ministry

6512 CFMIN-3003-A Bib Anthropology & Discpleship Matthew Harrison M 8:00AM-10:45AM
6513 CFMIN-3013-A Theology of Church and Family Michael Crisp Th 6:15PM- 9:00PM
6514 CFMIN-3023-A The Ministry of Education Michael Crisp TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6562 CFMIN-3313-A Educ Admin and Ch Law Andrew Dowden WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6515 CFMIN-3323-A Family Focused Church Ministry Richard Ross M 3:00PM- 5:45PM
6517 CFMIN-3333-A Theo & Philo of Chrn Educ Patricia Nason M 1:00PM- 3:45PM

Educational Ministries

6242 SPFCF-3101-A Spiritual Formation I - CFM Michael Crisp M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6243 SPFCF-3101-B1 Spiritual Formation I - CFM Richard Ross T
6244 SPFCF-3101-B2 Spiritual Formation I - CFM Matthew Harrison T
6741 SPFCF-3101-B3 Spiritual Formation I - CFM Yu Wen Grace Lee T
6081 SPFCF-3101-C Spiritual Formation I - CFM Katie McCoy W

Foundations of Educ

6732 CSEDU-5802-A Graduate Thesis Res & Wrtng Patricia Nason  
6526 FOUND-4303-A Bible-Driven Teaching Matthew Harrison WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6224 FOUND-5902-A Foundations Field Exp (OJT) Matthew Harrison Th 1:00PM- 2:15PM

Recreation Ministries

6510 RECMN-4253-A Missions and Service Min Andrew Dowden TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM

Student Ministries

6528 STMIN-4433-A Disciple Making in Student Min Richard Ross TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM

Women's Ministry

6078 WOMIN-3713-A Women and Discipleship Katie McCoy WF 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6761 WOMIN-5902-A Women's Ministry Field Experie Terri Stovall  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times


6317 PRCHG-3000-A Preaching Practicum Barry McCarty  
6321 PRCHG-3313-C Intro to Expository Preaching Barry McCarty TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6322 PRCHG-3313-D Intro to Expository Preaching Barry McCarty WF 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6324 PRCHG-3313-KO Intro to Expository Preaching Hyung Jae Yu Th 2:30PM- 5:15PM
6325 PRCHG-3323-A Advanced Expository Preaching Barry McCarty TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6327 PRCHG-4363-A Adv Biblical Preaching - TDPW David Allen M 8:00AM- 5:00PM
5893 PRCHG-4383-A Evangelistic Preaching Matt Queen TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6329 PRCHG-4463-A Rhetoric I Barry McCarty TTh 2:30PM- 3:45PM

Roy Fish School of Evang/Missn

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

5805 APLEV-4031-A Applied Ministry Mike Morris T 11:30AM-12:20PM
5876 APLEV-4041-A Applied Ministry Mike Morris Th 11:30AM-12:20PM
6088 APLEV-5602-A Great Commission Mentorship 1 Mike Morris  
6089 APLEV-5612-A Great Commission Mentorship 2 Mike Morris  
6090 APLEV-5622-A Great Commission Mentorship 3 Mike Morris  


5886 EVANG-3000-A Personal Evangelism Practicum Mike Morris  
5887 EVANG-3000-B Personal Evangelism Practicum Mike Morris  
5885 EVANG-3303-A Contemporary Evangelism Carl Bradford WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
5889 EVANG-3303-B Contemporary Evangelism Matt Queen M 3:00PM- 5:45PM
5892 EVANG-4383-A Evangelistic Preaching Matt Queen TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
5943 SPFEV-3101-A Spiritual Formation I-Evang Carl Bradford M 11:00AM-11:50AM
5945 SPFEV-3101-B Spiritual Formation I-Evang Carl Bradford T
5946 SPFEV-3101-C Spiritual Formation I-Evang Mike Morris W

Islamic Studies

5902 ISLST-4213-A Folk Islam: Approaches Dean Sieberhagen TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
5937 MODLG-3513-A Beginning Arabic I Justin Hiester MWF 11:30AM-12:20PM
5940 MODLG-4513-A Introduction to Qur'anic Arabi Justin Hiester TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM


7049 MISSN-3000-A Distance Learning Orientation Keith Eitel  
5907 MISSN-3100-A Missions Practicum Mike Morris  
5909 MISSN-3363-A Introduction to Missiology Dean Sieberhagen M 8:00AM-10:45AM
5911 MISSN-3373-A Globalization & Missions Strat John Massey TTh 2:30PM- 3:45PM
5934 MISSN-3473-A Animistic Folk Rel:Miss App Mike Morris M 12:00PM- 2:45PM
5913 MISSN-4433-A Business as Missions Dean Sieberhagen M 12:00PM- 2:45PM
5914 MISSN-4493-A Intro to Nrth American Ch Plnt Carl Bradford WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
5917 MISSN-4653-A Appl Anthrop for Bib Ch Plant Keith Eitel T 6:15PM- 9:00PM
7025 MISSN-4653-I Appl Anthrop for Bib Ch Plant Keith Eitel T 6:15PM- 9:00PM
5919 MISSN-5523-FP1 Three-Hour Missions Praxis Keith Eitel  
5920 MISSN-5523-FP2 Three-Hour Missions Praxis Keith Eitel  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

6335 APLMN-3001-A Applied Ministry: CPT Michael Wilson  
6336 APLMN-3101-A Internship Michael Wilson  
6338 APLMN-3102-A Internship Michael Wilson  
6339 APLMN-3103-A Internship Michael Wilson  
6342 APLMN-3201-A Practicum Michael Wilson  
6343 APLMN-3202-A Practicum Michael Wilson  
6344 APLMN-3203-A Practicum Michael Wilson  
6346 APLMN-3301-A Mentorship Michael Wilson  
6347 APLMN-3302-A Mentorship Michael Wilson  
6348 APLMN-3303-A Mentorship Michael Wilson  
6349 APLMN-3401-A Apprenticeship Michael Wilson  
6350 APLMN-3402-A Apprenticeship Michael Wilson  
6351 APLMN-3403-A Apprenticeship Michael Wilson  
6352 APLMN-3501-A Disciple-Making Michael Wilson  
6353 APLMN-3502-A Disciple-Making Michael Wilson  
6354 APLMN-3503-A Disciple-Making Michael Wilson  
6355 APLMN-3601-A Leadership Michael Wilson  
6356 APLMN-3602-A Leadership Michael Wilson  
6357 APLMN-3603-A Leadership Michael Wilson  
6358 APLMN-3801-A Chaplaincy Michael Wilson  
6359 APLMN-3802-A Chaplaincy Michael Wilson  
6360 APLMN-3803-A Chaplaincy Michael Wilson  
6362 APLMN-4021-A Applied Ministry-Mentoring Charles A. Stewart M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6363 APLMN-4021-B Applied Ministry-Mentoring Kevin Jordan M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6364 APLMN-4021-C Applied Ministry-Mentoring Kevin Jordan M 5:00PM- 5:50PM
6366 APLMN-4021-E Applied Ministry-Mentoring Charles A. Stewart T 4:15PM- 5:05PM

Archaeology & Method

6530 ARCHE-3203-A Arch of the New Testament Wrld Thomas Davis TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6600 MAABS-5001-A Thesis Research Mark Taylor  
6601 MAABS-5003-A Thesis Mark Taylor  
6602 MAABS-5010-A M.A. Continuous Enrollmt Mark Taylor  

Baptist Studies

6550 BPTST-3203-A Baptist Heritage Michael Crisp M 6:15PM- 9:00PM
6551 BPTST-3203-B Baptist Heritage W. Madison Grace TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6736 BPTST-4103-A Stdy on Bapt and Social Issues W. Madison Grace TTh 2:30PM- 3:45PM

Biblical Backgrounds & History

6535 BBHST-3333-A Hist'l Geography Bible Land Steven Ortiz WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6538 BBHST-4103-A Social/Cultrl Set-Anct Palest Steven Ortiz TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM

Biblical Studies

6540 BIBST-3203-A Biblical Hermeneutics James Wicker WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6541 BIBST-3203-B Biblical Hermeneutics Joshua Williams M 8:00AM-10:45AM

Biblical Theology

6542 BIBTH-4803-A Old Testament Theology Joshua Williams WF 8:30AM- 9:45AM

Christian Ethics

6570 ETHIC-4303-A The Christian Home Evan Lenow WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6571 ETHIC-4303-B The Christian Home Charles Patrick Jr. TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6572 ETHIC-4323-A The Bible & Moral Issues Evan Lenow M 12:00PM- 2:45PM
6574 ETHIC-4353-A Christianity/Human Sexuality Evan Lenow TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM

Church Hist & Historical Theol

6552 CHAHT-3103-A Church History I Stephen Presley M 3:00PM- 5:45PM
6555 CHAHT-3103-C Church History I Robert Caldwell WF 7:00AM- 8:15AM

Masters - Interdepartmental

6609 MACAP-5000-A MA.CA Summative Examination Mark Taylor  
6610 MACAP-5010-A M.A. Theol Continuous Enrollmt Mark Taylor  
6603 MATHE-5000-A MA.Th Summative Examination Mark Taylor  
6604 MATHE-5001-A M.A. Theol Thesis Research Mark Taylor  
6605 MATHE-5003-A M.A. Theol Thesis Mark Taylor  
6606 MATHE-5010-A M.A. Theol Continuous Enrollmt Mark Taylor  
6768 MDVTH-5001-A M.Div. Theol Thesis Res Mark Taylor  
6607 MDVTH-5003-A M.Div. Theol Thesis Mark Taylor  
6608 MDVTH-5010-A M.Div. Theol Cont Enrollmt Mark Taylor  
6687 SPFTH-3101-A1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology Paul Hoskins M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6688 SPFTH-3101-A2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology Dongsun Cho M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6689 SPFTH-3101-B1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology Terry Wilder T
6692 SPFTH-3101-B3 Spiritual Formation I-Theology W. Madison Grace T
6691 SPFTH-3101-C1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology Gerardo Alfaro W
6714 THMTH-5000-A ThM Summative Examination Mark Taylor  

New Testament

6582 GREEK-3313-A Biblical Greek I Mark Taylor TTh 7:00AM- 8:15AM
6583 GREEK-3313-B Biblical Greek I Terry Wilder WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6584 GREEK-3313-C Biblical Greek I Andrew Streett TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6586 GREEK-4313-A Translation/Interp: Colossians Paul Hoskins WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6587 GREEK-4313-B Translation/Interp: 1 Cor 1-4 Mark Taylor TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6588 GREEK-4313-C Translation/Interp: 1 John Aaron Son TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6590 GREEK-5073-A Exegesis of I Corinthians Aaron Son WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6615 NEWTS-3053-A New Testament I James Wicker TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6616 NEWTS-3053-B New Testament I Aaron Son TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6618 NEWTS-3063-A New Testament II Paul Hoskins M 8:00AM-10:45AM
6619 NEWTS-3063-B New Testament II James Wicker TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6757 NEWTS-3063-C New Testament II Andrew Streett T 6:15PM- 9:00PM

Old Testament

6591 HEBRW-4313-A Biblical Hebrew I George Klein TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6592 HEBRW-4313-B Biblical Hebrew I John J. Yeo WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6593 HEBRW-4313-C Biblical Hebrew I Ryan Stokes TTh 7:00AM- 8:15AM
6595 HEBRW-5003-A Translation/Interp: Jonah George Klein TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6597 HEBRW-5713-A Exegesis of Daniel Ryan Stokes WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6630 OLDTS-3053-A Old Testament I Eric Mitchell WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6631 OLDTS-3053-B Old Testament I John J. Yeo M 8:00AM-10:45AM
6634 OLDTS-3073-A Old Testament III Andrew Streett WF 7:00AM- 8:15AM
6635 OLDTS-3073-B Old Testament III Gregory Smith M 6:15PM- 9:00PM
6637 OLDTS-3073-C Old Testament III Joshua Williams WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM

Pastoral Ministry

6646 PASMN-3000-A Christian Ministry Practicum Thomas Kiker  
6647 PASMN-3000-B Christian Ministry Practicum Deron Biles  
6649 PASMN-3313-A Found for Christian Ministry I Thomas Kiker M 3:00PM- 5:45PM
6651 PASMN-3313-B Found for Christian Ministry I Deron Biles WF 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6206 PASMN-4323-A Princ of Bibl Counseling Dale Johnson TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6208 PASMN-4323-B Princ of Bibl Counseling Frank Catanzaro WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6203 PASMN-4333-A Theol Found for Pastoral Couns Dale Johnson TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6209 PASMN-4533-A Marriage and Family Counseling Frank Catanzaro M 3:00PM- 5:45PM

Phil of Religion

6659 PHILO-4313-A Philosophy of Religion Paul Golata WF 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6664 PHILO-4353-A Philosophy of Mind Ross Inman TTh 8:30AM- 9:45AM
6665 PHILO-4373-A Christian Apologetics Paul Golata TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6667 PHILO-4533-A Apologetics Thesis Ross Inman  
6670 PHILO-5373-A Critical Thinking Isak Lee TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6673 PHILO-5543-A Adv PHILO Topics Seminar Ross Inman WF 11:30AM-12:45PM

Systematic Theology

6694 SYSTH-3053-A Systematic Theology I Nathan Holsteen TTh 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6695 SYSTH-3053-B Systematic Theology I D. Jeffrey Bingham M 12:00PM- 2:45PM
6739 SYSTH-3053-C Systematic Theology I Nathan Holsteen WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6699 SYSTH-3053-KO Systematic Theology I Dongsun Cho M 6:15PM- 9:00PM
6700 SYSTH-3073-A Systematic Theology III Nathan Holsteen Th 6:15PM- 9:00PM
6702 SYSTH-3073-B Systematic Theology III John Massey TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM
6703 SYSTH-3073-C Systematic Theology III Malcolm Yarnell WF 1:00PM- 2:15PM
6704 SYSTH-3413-A Biblical Theology of Manhood Charles Carpenter M 12:00PM- 2:45PM
6706 SYSTH-3503-A Jesus Christ Gerardo Alfaro TTh 2:30PM- 3:45PM

Women's Studies

6082 WOMST-3113-A Biblical Thlgy of Womanhood I Katie McCoy M 3:00PM- 5:45PM
Synchronous (Live Interaction): This format requires online attendance at the days and times listed.
Flexible: This format allows students the choice to participate live at the days and times listed or view the recorded lectures at their convenience each week.
Asynchronous: This format presents course content through multimedia with weekly coursework that can be completed at any time during the week.

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