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Spring 2016 Graduate Courses | Fort Worth

Church Music

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
9064 MUMST-4980-A MACM Comprehensive Exams  Allen Lott  
9065 MUMST-4990-A MM Comprehensive Exams  Allen Lott  


9656 COMPN-4500-A Composition Master Class  R. Christopher Teichler M 01:00PM-01:50PM
0111 COMPN-4512-A MM Composition I  R. Christopher Teichler  
0162 COMPN-4532-A MM Composition III  Garry J. Hardin, II  
0205 COMPN-4970-A MM Research and Writing  R. Christopher Teichler  
0023 COMPN-5512-A Elective Composition  Garry J. Hardin, II  
0095 COMPN-5512-B Elective Composition  Garry J. Hardin, II  
0305 COMPN-5512-C Elective Composition  Jung Eun Kim  


9131 CONDG-3601-A Choral Diction  Bradley Anderson F 10:00AM-10:50AM
9127 CONDG-4600-A Conducting Master Class  Kurt Sprenger M 12:00PM-12:50PM
0138 CONDG-4631-A Elective Applied Condg: Instr  Kurt Sprenger  
0110 CONDG-4632-A Applied Conducting I: Instr  Kurt Sprenger  
0156 CONDG-4641-A Elective Applied Condg: Choral  David Thye  
0130 CONDG-4642-A Applied Conducting II: Choral  David Thye  
0106 CONDG-4682-A Special Research in Conducting  David Thye  
9132 CONDG-4722-A Choral Literature II  David Thye TTH 11:30AM-12:30PM

Ensemble Activities

8969 ENSEM-3010-A SW Master Chorale  David Thye M 07:00PM-09:30PM
8966 ENSEM-3018-A SW Master Chorale  David Thye M 07:00PM-09:30PM
8978 ENSEM-3070-A Guitar Ensemble  Thomas Burchill M 09:00AM-10:40AM
8975 ENSEM-3078-A Guitar Ensemble  Thomas Burchill M 09:00AM-10:40AM
9047 ENSEM-3600-A Chamber Orchestra  R. Christopher Teichler WF 03:30PM-04:45PM
9044 ENSEM-3608-A Chamber Orchestra  R. Christopher Teichler WF 03:30PM-04:45PM
0173 ENSEM-3608-B Keyboard Ensemble  Robert Smith  
8986 ENSEM-3620-A Orchestra  Kurt Sprenger S 10:00AM-11:30AM
8983 ENSEM-3628-A Orchestra  Kurt Sprenger S 10:00AM-11:30AM
8997 ENSEM-3650-A Southwestern Singers  Bennie Caston T
8994 ENSEM-3658-A Southwestern Singers  Bennie Caston T
9004 MUSIC-3200-N Chapel Orchestra  Tom Song M
9003 MUSIC-3201-N Chapel Orchestra  Tom Song M
9011 MUSIC-3300-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:00PM-05:00PM
9008 MUSIC-3301-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:00PM-05:00PM
9012 MUSIC-3308-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:00PM-05:00PM

Jazz Studies

9134 JAZCM-4222-A Jazz Styles and Analysis  Terence Hobdy F 10:00AM-11:40AM
0201 JAZPR-4900-A Jazz Master Class  Quamon Fowler  
0176 JAZPR-4961-A Studio Instrument - Piano  Leonard Day  
0221 JAZPR-5011-A Elective Studio Inst Piano  Leonard Day  
0082 JAZPR-5012-A Elec Studio Instrument Piano  Leonard Day  

Music History

9087 MUHST-3121-A Music History Review II  Jason Runnels TH 06:00PM-07:15PM
9088 MUHST-3143-A Rdg Music-Related German II  Jerry Aultman WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9086 MUHST-4102-A Introduction to Music Research  Fang-Lan Hsieh TTH 01:00PM-01:50PM
9090 MUHST-4132-A Music in Baroque & Classic Per  Allen Lott WF 08:30AM-09:20AM
9091 MUHST-4262-A Sem: Study in Musical Genre  Jason Runnels TTH 08:30AM-09:20AM
0349 MUHST-4942-A Classical Music  Allen Lott  
0122 MUHST-4970-A MM Research and Writing  Allen Lott  

Music Ministry

9070 MUMIN-3351-A Supervised Ministry I  Tom Song W 09:00AM-09:50AM
9071 MUMIN-4222-A Congregational Song  David Toledo WF 08:30AM-09:20AM
0200 MUMIN-4252-A Worship Ministry Project  Scott Aniol  
9073 MUMIN-4312-A Philosophy in Music Ministry  Scott Aniol WF 01:00PM-01:50PM
9075 MUMIN-4340-A Children's Choir Lab  Tom Song M 04:00PM-05:15PM
9076 MUMIN-4352-A Church Music Education II  David Toledo TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
0035 MUMIN-4441-A Internship & Resrch Project I  Scott Aniol  
9080 MUMIN-4452-A Reformation and Postmodernism  Scott Aniol M 09:00AM-10:40AM
9081 MUMIN-4472-A Worship in Korea  Tom Song WF 02:30PM-03:20PM
9655 MUMIN-4571-A Practicum: Ldng Sm Instr Grps  Tom Song T 05:00PM-05:50PM
9078 MUMIN-4601-A Practicum: Fin Mangmt & Admin  David Toledo M 02:00PM-02:50PM
9077 MUMIN-4622-A Influence of Popular Styles  David Toledo TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM
9628 MUMIN-4700-A Colloquium  Scott Aniol W 11:30AM-12:20PM
9061 SPFMU-3111-A Spiritual Formation II-Music  Tom Song W

Music Theory

9103 MUTHY-4452-A Seminar in Analysis  Nathan Burggraff TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
9105 MUTHY-4472-A Advanced Orchestration  R. Christopher Teichler TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM
9104 MUTHY-4501-A Theory at the Keyboard  Yoon-Mi Lim W 11:30AM-12:20PM

New Student Orientation

0147 ORIEN-4000-A Music School Orientation  Allen Lott  

Orchestral Instruments

0136 ORINS-4022-A Mm Instrument II - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
0198 ORINS-4900-A Instrument Master Class  Kurt Sprenger M 12:00PM-12:50PM
9637 ORINS-4900-B Guitar Master Class  Thomas Burchill M 11:00AM-11:50AM
0137 ORINS-4911-A Instrument Literature  Kurt Sprenger  
0053 ORINS-5011-A Elective Instrument - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
0144 ORINS-5011-B Elective Instrument - Drums  Terence Hobdy  
0034 ORINS-5021-A Elective Instrument - Guitar  Walter Beaumont  
0185 ORINS-5032-A Elective Instrument - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
0191 ORINS-5032-B Elective Instrument - Flute  Leonard Day  
0222 ORINS-5032-C Elective Instrument - Guitar  Walter Beaumont  


9135 ORGCL-4721-A Seminar in Organ Literature II  Yoon-Mi Lim  
9137 ORGPR-4700-A Organ Master Class  Yoon-Mi Lim M 01:00PM-01:50PM
0090 ORGPR-4712-A MM Organ I  Yoon-Mi Lim  
0067 ORGPR-5721-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  
0089 ORGPR-5732-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  

Performance Lab

9142 PFMLB-3010-A Performance Laboratory  David Toledo F 11:30AM-12:20PM


0151 PIACL-4821-A Seminar in Piano Literature II  Robert Smith  
9109 PIACL-4851-A Seminar in Piano Pedagogy II  Jill Sprenger M 09:00AM-09:50AM
9110 PIACL-4881-A Piano Pedagogy Development II  Jill Sprenger W 11:30AM-12:20PM
0323 PIAPR-4800-B Piano Master Class  Robert Smith M 11:00AM-11:50AM
0324 PIAPR-4800-C Piano Master Class  Jill Sprenger M 11:00AM-11:50AM
0204 PIAPR-4822-A MM Piano II (Piano Perform)  Robert Smith  
0066 PIAPR-4892-A MM Piano IV and Recital  Robert Smith  
0318 PIAPR-4892-B MM Piano IV and Recital  Jill Sprenger  
0186 PIAPR-4912-A M.M. Piano I (Piano Pedagogy)  Jill Sprenger  
0107 PIAPR-4922-A MM Piano II (Piano Pedagogy)  Jill Sprenger  
0065 PIAPR-5811-A Elective Piano  Jill Sprenger  
0114 PIAPR-5811-B Elective Piano  Hana Park  
0123 PIAPR-5811-C Elective Piano  Moira Hopfe-Ostensen  
0235 PIAPR-5811-D Elective Piano  Yoon-Mi Lim  
0346 PIAPR-5811-E Elective Piano  Kyoung Ah Mun  
0060 PIAPR-5872-A Elective Piano  Jill Sprenger  
0150 PIAPR-5872-B Elective Piano  Robert Smith  


9117 VOICL-3902-A Foreign Language Diction  Angela Cofer WF 02:30PM-03:20PM
9114 VOICL-3922-A Class Voice II - Music Majors  Audra Scott WF 03:00PM-03:50PM
0331 VOIPR-4900-B Voice Master Class  Angela Cofer M 12:00PM-12:50PM
0332 VOIPR-4900-C Voice Master Class  Bennie Caston M 12:00PM-12:50PM
0333 VOIPR-4900-D Voice Master Class  Ronald Montgomery M 12:00PM-12:50PM
0190 VOIPR-4912-A MM Voice I  Bennie Caston  
0203 VOIPR-4912-B MM Voice I  Angela Cofer  
0080 VOIPR-4922-A MM Voice II  Bennie Caston  
0378 VOIPR-4932-A Mm Voice Pedagogy III  Leonard Day  
0262 VOIPR-4951-A Voice  Angela Cofer  
0036 VOIPR-4961-A Voice  Bennie Caston  
0055 VOIPR-4982-A Mm Voice Performance III  Angela Cofer  
0155 VOIPR-4992-A Mm Voice Perf IV and Recital  Angela Cofer  
0289 VOIPR-4992-B Mm Voice Perf IV and Recital  Leonard Day  
0098 VOIPR-5931-A Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
0314 VOIPR-5931-B Elective Voice  Angela Cofer  
0317 VOIPR-5931-C Elective Voice   
0273 VOIPR-5932-A Elective Voice  Bennie Caston  
0375 VOIPR-5941-A Elective Voice  Leonard Day  
0206 VOIPR-5942-A Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
0246 VOIPR-5942-B Elective Voice  Angela Cofer  

Church and Family Ministries

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
9931 RECMN-4263-A Facilities for Recreation Min  Paul Stutz TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
9792 RECMN-4323-A Ministry Through the Outdoors  Waylan Owens M 12:00PM-02:45PM


9753 ADMIN-3313-A Administration and Church Law  Paul Stutz WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
9930 ADMIN-3513-A Overseeing Major Church Projct  Paul Stutz TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
9754 ADMIN-5902-A Admin Field Experience (OJT)  Paul Stutz M 11:00AM-12:00PM

Childhood Education

9758 CHDED-4243-A Parenting and Faith Devel  Karen Kennemur F
9759 CHDED-4323-A Teaching Min Middle/Later Chd  Karen Kennemur M 03:00PM-05:45PM
0383 CHDED-4343-C Min w/Exceptnal Childrn & Fam  Karen Kennemur  
9763 CHDED-5902-A Childhd Educ Field Exp (OJT)  Karen Kennemur T 01:00PM-02:15PM
9764 CHDED-5902-I Childhd Educ Field Exp (OJT)  Karen Kennemur   -

Christian School Education

9775 CSEDU-5403-A Internship in Chrn School Educ  Patricia Nason  
9776 CSEDU-5810-A MACSE Continuous Enrollment  Patricia Nason  
9777 CSEDU-5813-A Thesis in Christian School Edu  Patricia Nason  


9766 CNSLN-3003-A History of Soul Care and Couns  Dale Johnson WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9768 CNSLN-3203-A Principles of Biblical Counsel  Dale Johnson TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
9769 CNSLN-3203-B Principles of Biblical Counsel  Frank Catanzaro M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9770 CNSLN-4303-A Grief and Crisis Counseling  John Babler TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
9772 CNSLN-5103-A Counseling Practicum II  Frank Catanzaro T 06:15PM-08:00PM
9952 CNSLN-5103-B Counseling Practicum II  Frank Catanzaro TH 01:00PM-03:45PM
9993 CNSLN-5203-A Counseling Practicum III  Dale Johnson M 08:00AM-10:45AM

Educational Ministries

9781 EDMIN-3003-A The Ministry of Education  Nathan Shirley TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
9782 EDMIN-3003-B The Ministry of Education  Nathan Shirley WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9783 EDMIN-3013-A Theology of Church and Family  Matthew Harrison M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9799 SPFEM-3111-A Spiritual Formation II - EM  Carter Riley M 11:00AM-12:00PM
9800 SPFEM-3111-B1 Spiritual Formation II - EM  Matthew Harrison T
9801 SPFEM-3111-B2 Spiritual Formation II - EM  Karen Kennemur T
9802 SPFEM-3111-C1 Spiritual Formation II - EM  Richard Ross W
9803 SPFEM-3111-C2 Spiritual Formation II - EM  Patricia Nason W
9804 SPFEM-3111-C3 Spiritual Formation II - EM  Alicia Wong W

Foundations of Educ

9785 FOUND-3333-A Theology & Phil for Chrn Educ  Patricia Nason T 06:15PM-09:00PM
0068 FOUND-4313-A History of Biblical Educ  Jack Terry M 12:00PM-02:45PM
9787 FOUND-4353-A Curric Design for Chrn Min  Patricia Nason WF 08:30AM-09:45AM


9731 HMKNG-3302-A Methodology of Home & Family  Patricia Ennis WF 02:30PM-03:20PM

Human Growth & Development

9789 HUMGR-3013-A Bib Anthropology & Pedagogy  Matthew Harrison WF 01:00PM-02:15PM

Student Ministries

9806 STMIN-4313-A Understanding Teens & Life Iss  Richard Ross TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
9808 STMIN-4363-A Role of Stu in Rev & Awakening  Richard Ross M 03:00PM-05:45PM
0164 STMIN-5303-C Supervised Internship  Richard Ross   -
9809 STMIN-5902-A Student Ministry Field Exp  Richard Ross T 02:30PM-03:45PM

Women's Ministry

9745 WOMIN-3513-A Leadership in Women's Ministry  Alicia Wong M 08:00AM-10:40AM
9746 WOMIN-4223-A Women's Ministry  Terri Stovall TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
9748 WOMIN-4373-A Women's Issues  Alicia Wong WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
0215 WOMIN-5902-A Women's Ministry Field Experie  Terri Stovall  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Islamic Studies

0051 MODLG-3503-A Intro to Sight-Reading Qur'an  Jason Bridger M 08:00AM-10:45AM

Seminary Core

9726 WRCOM-3301-A Oral Communication Lab  Grace Hody TH 08:00PM-09:00PM
9727 WRCOM-3302-A Written Communication  Grace Hody TH 06:15PM-08:00PM

Roy Fish School of Evang/Missn

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

9575 APLEV-4031-A Applied Ministry  Mike Morris TH 11:30AM-12:20PM
9576 APLEV-4041-A Applied Ministry  Mike Morris T 11:30AM-12:20PM
9577 APLEV-5612-A Great Commission Mentorship 2  Mike Morris  
0179 APLEV-5622-A Great Commission Mentorship 3  Mike Morris  


9579 EVANG-3000-A Personal Evangelism Practicum  Matt Queen   -
9581 EVANG-3000-B Personal Evangelism Practicum  Brandon Kiesling  
9582 EVANG-3303-A Contemporary Evangelism  Matt Queen M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9584 EVANG-3303-B Contemporary Evangelism  Brandon Kiesling WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9587 EVANG-5450-A Revival Evangelism Practicum  Steven Smith M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9585 EVANG-5453-A Revival Evangelism Practicum  Steven Smith M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9629 SPFEV-3111-A Spiritual Form II-Evang/Missn  Daniel Sanchez T
9630 SPFEV-3111-B Spiritual Form II-Evang/Missn  Mike Morris W
9631 SPFEV-3111-C Spiritual Form II-Evang/Missn  Dean Sieberhagen TH

Islamic Studies

9605 ISLST-4293-A Ch Planting in Muslim Context  Dean Sieberhagen TTH 02:00PM-03:15PM
9590 ISLST-4323-A Muslims, Martyrs & Materialism  Dean Sieberhagen WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9626 MODLG-3523-A Beginning Arabic II  Lamis Maalouf TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM


9591 MISSN-3000-A Distance Learning Orientation  Keith Eitel M 06:00PM-08:00PM
9592 MISSN-3100-A Missions Practicum  Keith Eitel  
0174 MISSN-3353-A Africa: Missn to People Grps  Solomon Ishola TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9593 MISSN-3363-A Introduction to Missiology  Keith Eitel TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
9594 MISSN-3373-A Globalization & Missions Strat  John Massey WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9599 MISSN-3473-A Animistic Folk Rel:Miss App  Mike Morris WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9606 MISSN-4373-A Missionary Anthropology  Daniel Sanchez TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
9608 MISSN-4473-A Medicine in Missions  Richard Knight M 12:00PM-02:45PM
9611 MISSN-5453-A Ch Plant in Urban Context  Steve Lee TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
0299 MISSN-5453-C Ch Plant in Urban Context  Steve Lee  
9614 MISSN-5523-FP1 Three-Hour Missions Praxis  Keith Eitel  
9615 MISSN-5523-FP2 Three-Hour Missions Praxis  Keith Eitel  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
9235 MATHE-5001-A M.A. Theol Thesis Research  Mark Taylor  
9236 MATHE-5003-A M.A. Theol Thesis  Mark Taylor  
9237 MATHE-5010-A M.A. Theol Continuous Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  
9238 MDVTH-5001-A M.Div. Theol Thesis Res  Mark Taylor  
9239 MDVTH-5003-A M.Div. Theol Thesis  Mark Taylor  
9240 MDVTH-5010-A M.Div. Theol Cont Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  
0015 MTSTU-5000-A MTS Summative Examination  Mark Taylor  
9336 SPFTH-3111-A1 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Thomas Kiker M 11:00AM-12:00PM
9337 SPFTH-3111-A2 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Ross Inman M 11:00AM-12:00PM
9339 SPFTH-3111-B1 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Terry Wilder T
9340 SPFTH-3111-B2 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Ross Inman T
9341 SPFTH-3111-B3 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Candice Finch T
9342 SPFTH-3111-C1 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Robert Caldwell W
9343 SPFTH-3111-C2 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Aaron Son W
9344 SPFTH-3111-C3 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Paul Hoskins W
9345 SPFTH-3111-C4 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Ryan Stokes W
9346 SPFTH-3111-D1 Spiritual Form II-Theology  John Taylor TH
9347 SPFTH-3111-D2 Spiritual Form II-Theology  Matthew McKellar TH

Applied Ministry

9153 APLMN-3001-A Applied Ministry: CPT  Michael Wilson  
9154 APLMN-3102-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
9155 APLMN-3203-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
9156 APLMN-3401-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
9157 APLMN-3501-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
9158 APLMN-3502-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
9159 APLMN-3503-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
9160 APLMN-3601-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
9161 APLMN-3602-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
9162 APLMN-3603-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
9168 APLMN-4011-A Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson M
9169 APLMN-4011-B Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Ronald Etheredge M 11:00AM-11:50AM
9170 APLMN-4011-C Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson M 05:00PM-05:50PM
9171 APLMN-4011-D Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Charles A. Stewart T 11:30AM-12:20PM
9172 APLMN-4011-E Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Charles A. Stewart T 04:15PM-05:05PM
9173 APLMN-4011-F Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson W 11:30AM-12:20PM
9174 APLMN-4011-G Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson TH 11:30AM-12:20PM
9176 APLMN-4011-KO Applied Min-Disciple-Making  Jongsu Heo TH 11:30AM-12:20PM

Archaeology and Archaeological Method

9178 ARCHE-3003-A Archaeology of Anc't Near East  Thomas Davis TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9180 ARCHE-5203-A Ceramic Analysis -- Syro-Pales  Steven Ortiz WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9232 MAABS-5001-A Thesis Research  Steven Ortiz  
9233 MAABS-5003-A Thesis  Steven Ortiz  
9234 MAABS-5010-A M.A. Continuous Enrollmt  Steven Ortiz  

Baptist Studies

9192 BPTST-3203-A Baptist Heritage  W. Madison Grace WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9193 BPTST-3203-B Baptist Heritage  W. Madison Grace TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM

Biblical Backgrounds and History

9185 BBHST-4203-A Soc & Cultrl Set of Palestine  Thomas Davis TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM

Biblical Studies

9187 BIBST-3203-A Biblical Hermeneutics  Joshua Williams TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
9188 BIBST-3203-B Biblical Hermeneutics  Eric Mitchell WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9189 BIBST-3203-C Biblical Hermeneutics  John Taylor M 06:15PM-09:00PM

Biblical Theology

9190 BIBTH-4343-A New Testament Theology  Aaron Son M 06:15PM-09:00PM

Biblical and Cognate Languages

9987 ANELG-5063-A New Testament Inscriptions  Thomas Davis WF 01:00PM-02:15PM

Christian Ethics

9206 ETHIC-4303-A The Christian Home  Charles Patrick M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9208 ETHIC-4313-A Basic Christian Ethics  Jack Greenoe M 06:15PM-09:00PM
9210 ETHIC-4323-A The Bible & Moral Issues  Evan Lenow TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9988 ETHIC-4383-A Ethical Theory  Robert Loftin M 08:00AM-10:45AM

Church History and Historical Theology

9195 CHAHT-3113-A Church History II  Stephen Presley T 06:15PM-09:00PM
9197 CHAHT-3113-B Church History II  Stephen Presley M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9196 CHAHT-3113-C Church History II  Robert Caldwell WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9200 CHAHT-4633-A Jonathan Edwards  Robert Caldwell TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM

New Testament

9216 GREEK-3323-A Biblical Greek II  Mark Taylor M 12:00PM-02:45PM
9217 GREEK-3323-B Biblical Greek II  Terry Wilder TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9218 GREEK-3323-C Biblical Greek II  John Taylor WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9219 GREEK-3323-D Biblical Greek II  Aaron Son WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9221 GREEK-4323-A Exegetical Method: 1st Peter  Paul Hoskins TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
9222 GREEK-4323-B Exegetical Method: James  Mark Taylor M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9224 GREEK-5103-A Exegesis of Ephesians  Terry Wilder WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9241 NEWTS-3313-A Basic New Testament I  Paul Hoskins WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9242 NEWTS-3323-A Basic New Testament II  James Wicker M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9243 NEWTS-3323-B Basic New Testament II  John Taylor WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9244 NEWTS-3323-C Basic New Testament II  Aaron Son TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
9570 NEWTS-4153-A Prison Letters  John Massey WF 07:00AM-08:15AM

Old Testament

9225 HEBRW-4323-A Biblical Hebrew II  John J. Yeo WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9226 HEBRW-4323-B Biblical Hebrew II  Joshua Williams M 12:00PM-02:45PM
9227 HEBRW-4323-C Biblical Hebrew II  George Klein WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
9229 HEBRW-5003-A Translation and Interpretation  George Klein TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9957 HEBRW-5533-A Exegesis of Exodus  George Klein WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9252 OLDTS-3313-A Basic Old Testament I  Joshua Williams WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9253 OLDTS-3323-A Basic Old Testament II  John J. Yeo WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9254 OLDTS-3323-B Basic Old Testament II  Ryan Stokes TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
9255 OLDTS-3323-C Basic Old Testament II  Justin Allison M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9259 OLDTS-4573-A Joshua-Judges-Ruth  John J. Yeo M 12:00PM-02:45PM

Pastoral Ministry

9265 PASMN-3000-A Christian Ministry Practicum  Thomas Kiker  
9266 PASMN-3000-B Christian Ministry Practicum  Michael Wilson  
0265 PASMN-3000-CF Christian Ministry Practicum  Thomas Kiker  
9267 PASMN-3313-A Found for Christian Ministry I  Thomas Kiker M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9268 PASMN-3313-B Found for Christian Ministry I  Michael Wilson TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
0101 PASMN-4323-A Princ of Bibl Counseling  Dale Johnson TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
0102 PASMN-4323-B Princ of Bibl Counseling  Frank Catanzaro M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9269 PASMN-5353-A Jacksonville Pastors Conf  Michael Wilson  

Philosophy of Religion

9275 PHILO-4313-A Philosophy of Religion  Paul Gould TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
9277 PHILO-4373-A Christian Apologetics  Ross Inman M 12:00PM-02:45PM
9279 PHILO-4383-A God and Evil  Ross Inman TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9280 PHILO-4403-A Cultural Apologetics  Paul Gould WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
9963 PHILO-4522-A Apologetics Research Sem  Travis Dickinson F 10:00AM-12:00PM
9286 PHILO-4533-A Apologetics Thesis  Travis Dickinson   -
9287 PHILO-5393-A Intermediate Logic  Travis Dickinson TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM


9292 PRCHG-3000-A Preaching Practicum  John Hall  
9293 PRCHG-3000-B Preaching Practicum  Christopher Walker  
9294 PRCHG-3000-C Preaching Practicum  Vern Charette  
9295 PRCHG-3000-D Preaching Practicum  Matthew McKellar  
9320 PRCHG-3000-KO Preaching Practicum  Shin Chan Jeong  
9297 PRCHG-3313-A Intro to Expository Preaching  Barry McCarty M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9298 PRCHG-3313-B Intro to Expository Preaching  Matthew McKellar TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
9299 PRCHG-3313-C Intro to Expository Preaching  Barry McCarty WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9303 PRCHG-3323-A Advanced Expository Preaching  John Hall TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
9304 PRCHG-3323-B Advanced Expository Preaching  Christopher Walker M 08:00AM-10:45AM
9305 PRCHG-3323-C Advanced Expository Preaching  Vern Charette TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
9306 PRCHG-3323-D Advanced Expository Preaching  Matthew McKellar WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
9308 PRCHG-3323-KO Advanced Expository Preaching  Shin Chan Jeong T 02:30PM-05:15PM
9321 PRCHG-4363-A Adv Biblical Preaching - NT  David Allen  
9324 PRCHG-5363-A Revival Evangelism Practicum  Steven Smith M 03:00PM-05:45PM

Steward Leadership

9838 STWLD-3603-A Family & Chur Fin Stewardshp  Evan Lenow M 12:00PM-02:45PM

Systematic Theology

9350 SYSTH-3013-A Systematic Theology II  Gerardo Alfaro TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
9351 SYSTH-3013-B Systematic Theology II  Malcolm Yarnell WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
9352 SYSTH-3013-C Systematic Theology II  Malcolm Yarnell M 12:00PM-02:45PM
9355 SYSTH-3303-A The Trinity  Malcolm Yarnell W 01:00PM-03:45PM

Women's Studies

9366 WOMST-4003-A Women's Min in Local Church  Terri Stovall TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
9368 WOMST-4023-A Women and Missions  Alicia Wong T 06:15PM-09:00PM
9371 WOMST-4103-A Feminist Theology  Candice Finch TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
Synchronous (Live Interaction): This new format offers students the experience of live interaction with faculty and students at the Fort Worth campus. Please note that these classes require online attendance at the days and times listed.

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