For Singles

Singles may be eligible either for Residence Halls (dormitories) or General Housing (i.e., apartments, duplexes, houses) dependent upon their age.

Residence Halls

Residence halls are avalaible to singles under the age of 35. These facilities are located on the main block of the campus, offering excellent access to classes, the library, student center, and other campus offices. Students under the age of 20 who live more than 50 miles from the campus are required to live in a residence hall.

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General Housing

Any single student over 20 years old may apply for a one- or two-bedroom general housing unit. 

One Bedroom Units
One bedrooms units are available to singles in the following areas:
Two Bedroom Units

Two bedrooms units are available to singles in the following areas:

Roommates in General Housing

Singles living in General Housing are not required to have a roommate. However, a list of persons interested in rooming with other singles in General Housing is kept in the housing office. In roommate situations, all persons must meet the eligibility requirements for student housing and have a lease on file with the housing office. For more information, contact us.

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