RTN Church Application

Church Application for Revive This Nation

For questions or assistance with this application, please contact the Office of Student Services at rtn@swbts.edu or telephone 817.923.1921 x6300.

Church Information

Is the person identified above the Pastor?

Is Pastor Bi-vocational?


Is the person submitting this application one of the persons listed above?

Person Submitting Application

If no, please provide the following information. If yes, leave blank:

As e-mail will be the primary form of communication between us, we respectfully request that you 1) make sure your e-mail was entered correctly, 2) check your e-mail regularly, 3) check you SPAM folder.

More About Your Church

Is your church formally associated with the Southern Baptist Convention?

Southern Baptist Convention

Has your church participated in the Spring Revival Evangelism Program/Revive This Nation (RTN) at least once in the last five years?

Previous Church

If yes, please identify years of previous participation

As we seek to improve our recruitment of new churches, please indicate how you came to hear about Revive This Nation

What will be the emphasis of your revival meeting?


Please select the description that best describes the adults which typically attend your church for each of the next four questions: (Example: If most of the adults which typically attend your church are retired, but some are working class and others are professional, then you would select Retired and so forth.)

Age Distribution of Those Adults Typically in Attendance

Describe the racial and cultural composition of the community surrounding the church

What Bible translation(s) does the pastor generally use during preaching and/or corporate Scripture reading?

If your church has any strong preferences, or policies, for or against, any particular Bible translation types, please comment here about what those strong preferences or policies might be. (Please make sure to indicate whether your church has a strong preference or policy FOR or AGAINST any translation entered in the text box.)

Preachers in RTN range from college age students to PhD candidates as well as professors. Does your church have any preference about your preacher's age and education?

Is your church willing to host a faculty member as your preacher?

Faculty Member


Preachers hope to meet your church's expectations concerning attire by wearing clothing similar to the attire of the pastor. What would be the typical attire of the pastor in each of the four settings (Please be specific, for instance: suit and tie, sport coat and slacks and tie, dress shirt and slacks with or without tie, sweater and slacks, khakis and golf shirt, etc.)?

Revival Meeting Date

The dates for Revive This Nation 2018 are March 11-14, 2018 which corresponds to Southwestern Seminary's Spring Break week.

Is your church willing and able to host a revival during March 11-14, 2018?

Host a Revival

Revival Format

Classic Format: SWBTS evangelist to preach revival services Sunday morning – Wednesday morning. The Southwestern preacher will assist the church in evangelism efforts during the revival week.

Harvest Format: SWBTS evangelist to preach revival services Sunday morning – Wednesday evening. Harvest North America will:

  • Work with the host pastor to prepare the church for revival in the weeks leading up to Revive this Nation;
  • Work with the host pastor to enlist church members who will participate in evangelism appointments during the week of revival;
  • Offer revival training to churches that select this option.

Revival Format

Airport Preference

These are financially challenging times, but Southwestern Seminary is committed to this historic program because of its high value to churches and preachers. We have always endeavored to be good stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us. The more we save on each airline ticket by making wise but often difficult choices, the more preachers and churches we can serve this year and in future years. Thank you, in advance, for working with us to help keep transportation costs down during these financially challenging days. Please pray with us that the Lord of all resources will continue to provide for this important ministry.

Please list the major airports, in order of preference, from which you agree to pick up (Saturday before) and drop off (Thursday after) a preacher, and indicate the distance from these airports to your church. Please include all major airports in your region even if that airport is located on the outer rim of a reasonable distance from your church.

Unless explicit prior arrangements are made before January 1, preachers will arrive at the airport on Saturday and depart on Thursday. Please make any special requests here concerning alternative arrival or departure days.


Are you part of an association that is holding revivals throughout your region during this week?

Other Revivals

Special Requests

If requested preacher is not available, is your church willing to host another preacher?

Alternate Preacher

A few of our married preachers may wish to bring their wives with them to participate in ministry with your church. In such a case, would your church be willing to accommodate a preacher AND his spouse (Provide local transportation, meals and lodging for both. Transportation to/from your region would not be your church's responsibility)?

Married Couples

Would it be beneficial for your preacher to have skills in a language in addition to English? If so, what language?

Is it essenial for your preacher to be fluent in any non-English language for preaching? Please identify that language here (Please leave blank if fluency in some language other than English is not essential.)

If an English-speaking preacher with additional language skills listed above is not available, is your church willing to host another preacher who is fluent only in English?

Willing to host English-only Preacher?

Several of the preachers in this program are interested in starting new churches (Church Planting) in regions outside the Bible-Belt. Does your church have a vision for, or any interest in, starting new churches in your region?

New Church Plants

Terms of Agreement and Expectations of Your Church
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will arrange and pay for roundtrip airline transportation to the least expensive major airport within a reasonable distance of your church, OR in some cases, roundtrip automobile transportation to your church.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, including The College at Southwestern, is a multicultural, ethnically diverse family. The preachers in this program reflect this diversity. The program director will assign preachers to churches with the assumption that every applying church is willing to host any one of our preachers without regard to his cultural or ethnic background.
Your church agrees to pray earnestly for, and prepare diligently in advance for, a productive revival meeting. A Guide to Preparing for an Effective Revival Meeting and other valuable resources are available in the Church Resources section of the Revive This Nation website (swbts.edu/revivalprep).
Your church agrees to provide transportation from/to the airport, local transportation, lodging and meals for the preacher while on the field.
Your church agrees to provide opportunities for preachers to preach five sermons (typically Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Mon-Tues-Wed evenings, but other schedules are acceptable) and to do outreach and personal evangelism in your community for a minimum of three hours a day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Preachers are permitted to accept love offerings and honorariums, but they are not required.
Airline tickets are often purchased two or three months in advance. In the unlikely event that your church finds it necessary to cancel the revival meeting after January 20, your church agrees to reimburse SWBTS for the cost of any airline ticket which may have been purchased for the preacher to travel to your church.
Formal Consent

This application requires the expressed and informed consent of two leaders who represent your church and agree to the terms above. The two leaders may be: 1) the pastor, or other church leader if your church is presently without a pastor, and 2) one other church leader who is identified on the first page of this application.

Does your church agree to the terms above?


Pastor (or church leader if church is without a pastor) - As an official representative of the church, please indicate consent by entering your initials and date of birth in this box.

Church Leader - As an official representative of the church, please indicate consent by entering your initials and date of birth in this box.

Please scroll back through this application and make sure you have completed every applicable question and given formal consent to the terms, then click the Submit button.

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