Office of Business Administration

Once Southwestern Seminary’s founding president B.H. Carroll finally persuaded his protégé L.R. Scarborough to join the faculty of the newly founded, Waco-based seminary in 1908, he quickly assigned Scarborough responsibility for the seminary’s business affairs. In 1909, Scarborough — who would be inaugurated as Southwestern’s second president in 1915 after Carroll’s death— moved to Fort Worth to oversee the design, planning, building and payment of Fort Worth Hall, the seminary’s first permanent home.

This major project required administrative support. In January 1910, Scarborough hired W.D. Harris, the seminary’s first treasurer and legal counsel, to help with the business details associated with building the new facility and moving operations to Fort Worth. Today’s business administration division is a direct descendant of those early efforts under the leadership of Carroll, direction of Scarborough, and supervision of Harris.

Since the founding of the seminary, the support and administrative services provided by the business administration division and its forebears have been an integral, although sometimes overlooked, component of the success of Southwestern Seminary. Everything from the beautifully manicured landscape, to cooling and heating buildings, to providing delicious meals in the dining rooms, happens because of the actions of men and women who quietly and faithfully serve in the various departments within the business administration division.

Office of Vice President for Business Administration

Kevin Ensley, Vice President for Business Administration
Serving since 2009

In June 2009, seminary trustees elected Kevin Ensley vice president for business administration.

Prior to coming to Southwestern, Ensley served as chief financial officer and vice president of business at the Criswell College in Dallas. As CFO, he oversaw the financial affairs of the institution, such as accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. He led the institution amidst national economic instability by reorganizing operations and positioning the college to maintain staffing and benefit levels. As vice president of business at Criswell College, Ensley’s responsibilities included information technology, human resources, facilities and maintenance, food service, risk management, and security.

Ensley earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1992 and a Master of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University in 1996. Prior to his service at Criswell College, he was Senior Financial Analyst for Electronic Data Systems, Inc., in Plano, Texas.

Administrators Reporting to the Vice President for Business Administration

Dale Ford, Controller
Serving since 1996

Timothy Shidal, Director of Information Technologies
Serving since 2008

Matt Elgin, Director of Facilities
Serving since 2011

John Nichols, Director of Campus Security
Serving since 2008

Oscar Andrews, Director of Purchasing
Serving since 1990

Tom Elliot, Director of Support Services
Serving since 1995

Richard Knight M.D., Campus Physician
Serving since 2006

Cary McMillan, Director for the Riley Center at Southwestern
Serving since 2012

Jonathan Watson, Director of Student Housing
Serving since 2007

Jon Wood, Director for the Riley Center at Southwestern
Serving since 2007
Jonathan Watson, Director of Student Housing
Serving since 2007

Established 1908 Fort Worth, Texas